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As more products, services and transactions migrate to the Internet, the demand for alternative electronic payment options becomes apparent. Increasing credit card fraud and processing costs suggest a need for a convenient and secure way for individuals and small businesses to make electronic payments. With such limited personal time and demanding schedules, today's consumers require the ability to make payments at the last minute, up to and including the due date.

In response to that need, BankServ is pleased to announce SameDayPay, a payments web site, which utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system to transfer funds directly from customers' bank accounts to pay bills for taxes, services, utilities, products, loans, credit cards statements or even charitable contributions.

SameDayPay is designed for use by government agencies, utility companies, product and service providers, financial services companies and non-profit organizations.


SameDayPay is fast because:

  • It is designed for payments being made at the last minute on or near the due date.
  • Unlike traditional bill payment systems SameDayPay does not rely on a 5 to 10 day period to complete processing.
  • It is 100% automated.
  • It notifies you on the Same Day that the payment has been sent. Notification can be by e-mail for low volume Receivers or by batch file transmission for high volume.
  • SameDayPay does not use paper checks. Money is moved through the ACH with available funds in your bank account within 48 hours.
  • SameDayPay is "bank-neutral" and all money is automatically credited to the Receiver’s bank account without the need to open any new accounts or change banking relationships.

SameDayPay is easy because:

  • It can be installed within days and requires no systems development. Your customers can be easily told to just go to to make their payments.
  • Billers can also simply provide a link from their web page to the SameDayPay site.
  • SameDayPay encourages a Sender to use the system every month, since the Sender only needs to input the new dollar amount and not their account number or bank account information.
  • SameDayPay allows the Receiver to specify their account number algorithms to insure accuracy.
  • Customer Service Representatives can operate SameDayPay while on the phone with customers providing excellent customer service.
  • Past due account collectors can use SameDayPay to create a payment on the spot.

SameDayPay is inexpensive because:

  • It eliminates the costly check and list payment methods used by bill payment vendors.
  • It eliminates the extra handling and cost with Senders who have used an overnight delivery service to send a paper check.
  • It eliminates the time and cost of manually handling payments from Senders who used a traditional money transfer service.
  • It provides positive e-mail confirmation back to the Sender when the payment has been sent. Therefore, it reduces the number of customer service phone calls asking if a payment has been received.
  • It doesn’t require any costly systems development.

SameDayPay is secure because:

  • Money can only be sent to BankServ authorized Receivers. All Internet sessions are secured so that your data is not exposed.
  • Your data is ID and password protected.
  • Your bank account information is not visible to the Sender.
 How does it  work

SameDayPay requires no systems development and can be activated within days. Your company submits an application to become an authorized Receiver on SameDayPay, and BankServ establishes a profile for your company detailing types of payments to be received and banking information on where your funds should be sent.

To improve accuracy, your company's customer account algorithms can be incorporated into the system, so account numbers are validated online and reconciliation is simplified. Your company also specifies whether you want to receive payment data via either email or batch file transmissions.

Your customers are directed to BankServ's by your statements, remittance advices, call center staff, and a link from your own web site. The first time your customers visit, they will need to select a user ID and password and register their account(s). Payments can be sent to your company immediately upon completion of this one-time registration process. For the next billing cycle, your customers need only enter the new payment amount, since their account numbers and banking information are retained.

For your customers who may not have Internet access, your company's Customer Service Representatives can accept payments by phone using SameDayPay-CSR.

SameDayPay sends the transaction on the same day it is created. Your company is notified that same day that payment has been sent. You can then update your accounts receivable system. Your company can be notified either by email for low volumes or file transmission for higher volumes. All monies are automatically credited to your company's designated bank account.

SameDayPay charges a $3.00 convenience fee to your customers for this service. Should you elect to not charge your customers, BankServ will charge your company according to our Receiver price schedule.

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